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Mela 5.5 Update — All Pass Module, Quality of Life Improvements

The Mela 5.5 update introduces an all pass filter module. It includes first- and second-order filter types. The All Pass module is ideal for creating audio effects such as phasers. The new All Pass Phaser preset in the Audio FX group demonstrates the module’s functionality. There’s a lot more to this update, for the full details check out the Changelog.

I’ve also uploaded a tutorial video, Build a Phaser, where I explore Mela’s new All Pass module, explaining what an all pass filter is and using it to create a 6-stage phaser.

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Mela 5.5 Changelog

All Pass Module:

Other Changes:

To learn more about Mela, check out the Getting Started document, Changelog, FAQ or What’s New in Mela? YouTube playlist. To report bugs or make feature requests visit the Mela Feedback site. For other support queries directly get in touch.

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