Nikolozi — Artist & Engineer


On this page you will find my full discography. I’ve been releasing music since 2010, exploring all sub-genres of electronic music. The best way to support me as an artist is by purchasing my music on Bandcamp. You can also find my music on all major music platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, Tidal, Deezer and SoundCloud.

39 (2022)

You can grab a copy of 39 from Bandcamp or stream it from your favourite music platform.

Unfocused EP (2021)

You can grab a copy of Unfocused EP from Bandcamp or stream it from your favourite music platform.

Good Times Ahead EP (2021)

2020 was the first year in the past eight where I haven’t released any new music. But, of course, I never stop working on creating new things. With the release of Good Times Ahead, I hope to set a new pace and tone of what’s to come. To me, this EP captures a few random moments of this past year.

Dark Rooms (2019)

Inspired by my travels through Europe and influenced by Georgia’s electronic music scene, I present to you my sixth album: Dark Rooms. The tracks are longer, darker, and have a more deliberate sound to them when compared to previous albums. They evolve slowly and minimally but drive hard. Many ideas started out by having me sonically mangle with sounds that I sampled from my surroundings. These remained as the defining features of the tracks. The others were born from tweaking the parameters of my favourite synths. As with all my previous work, there’s a story behind each piece.

The album also showcases an awesome remix of 33 by nsu. And a fun track, Inevitable Approach, which I produced with my brother in 2010 but I didn’t have the courage to release it back then.

Drunk Piano (2018)

Drunk Piano in 3 words: cinematic, minimalistic and generative. The music behind the album was inspired by an imaginary film. Tracks represent scenes on a reversed timeline. Some generative music creation ideas have been employed to tell the story. Tempo is never static and each track only consists of 3 instruments or sound sources.

Observer (2017)

I’ve always tried to make the kind of music that I would want to find in a music store and take home. It’s harder than it sounds. The challenge is knowing what kind of music you want to hear next, because after decades of listening to a wide variety of artists, you feel like you’ve heard every interesting idea that’s out there. Having said that, every time I create a new album, I feel closer to that goal. But maybe that’s just an illusion and I’m chasing a ghost.

Either way, my new album Observer gives me that same feeling. Each track has its own personality, but certain characteristics chain them together. You can think of this record as a continuation of Unresolved from last year. It’s produced in a similar style and takes a different look at some of the same themes and ideas.

Hopefully, Observer tells you an interesting story.

Unresolved (2016)

For the past 8 months, I’ve been working on my new album – Unresolved and it’s finally here. It starts out with downtempo electronica and works its way up to techno. The album is quite dynamic with every track offering different sonic qualities. Hopefully, each conveys a unique emotion through different rhythmic styles, melodies and instrumentation. You’ll hear distorted analog synth, traditional Chinese instruments, classic drum machines and Indian and African percussion all wrapped up into one.

Sources of ideas and inspiration came from all sorts of places. From sampling screechy kitchen chairs to echoes of tunnels to messing around with music apps on my iPhone during lunchtimes.

I would like to think of this 7-track collection as humanised electronic music, created by capturing imperfect improvisations and randomising various aspects of instruments and notes to prevent perfection. Also, you will find that most melodies and chord progressions don’t resolve. That’s just what I love doing. So, I think, the title of the album is apt.

Lost Seconds (2016)

Counter Remixes (2015)

Pull / Push (2014)

Higher (2014)

Red Sky (2014)

One Point Oh (2013)

Sleep Studies (2010)