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Mela 5.3 Update — 3 New Experimental Modules

The Mela 5.3 update introduces the Mela Lab module category. From time to time new modules will be added to this category without any future promises, meaning their feature set is subject to change. This freedom allows for the experimentation and exploration of new ideas. With every update, the modules will be refined. Once a module proves useful enough, it will become part of Mela. Some experiments will not produce desirable results, and those modules will be removed. You can contribute to the process by submitting feedback to help with the evolution of these modules. And always remember to bounce down audio and MIDI parts of your projects that utilise Mela Lab modules, as their behaviour may change from version to version, potentially altering the sound of your tracks.

To get things started, the 5.3 update ships with 3 Mela Lab modules: Macro Button, Multiply-Add and Audio-to-Mod. They are all modulators. Macro Button lets you toggle the modulation signal between 0% and 100% values, with the Smoothing parameter letting you smooth the transition if needed. Multiply-Add takes 3 signals, A, B and C, as inputs and generates a modulation signal equal to A×B+C. Lastly, Audio-to-Mod takes input audio and turns it into a modulation signal. The example uses include, modulating a level of another oscillator which will result in Amplitude Modulation (AM) synthesis or modulating the cutoff frequency of a filter which will result in FM synthesis.

There’s a lot more to this update, for the full details check out the Changelog.

Mela 5.3

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Mela 5.3 Changelog

Mela Lab:

Macro Button Module:

Multiply-Add Module:

Audio-to-Mod Module:

Text Input:

Other Changes:

To learn more about Mela, check out the Getting Started document, Changelog, FAQ or What’s New in Mela? YouTube playlist. To report bugs or make feature requests visit the Mela Feedback site. For other support queries directly get in touch.

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