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Introducing Polyphony in Mela 4.7

Since its launch, Mela 4 has been evolving rapidly with new features and modules. Its modular interface lets you seamlessly build fully custom synthesisers, unique audio effects, and complex MIDI processors. It now ships with over 50 modules with diverse capabilities. One big feature that was missing when Mela 4 was introduced is polyphony which I wanted to get right before shipping it. With the 4.7 update, the feature is finally here and you can now build your own polyphonic synthesisers.

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Check out the Introducing Polyphony in Mela 4.7 video where I take the preset created in the Mela 4 introduction video and step-by-step convert it to a polyphonic preset. And view the Changelog for the full details about this Mela update.

Mela 4.7 Changelog

This update adds full Polyphony support to Mela 4, allowing you to build custom polyphonic synthesisers easily.

A Quick Guide to Polyphony:

Polyphony Settings:

Voice Activity Module:

Module & Lane Actions:

Backwards Compatibility:


Other Changes:

To learn more about Mela, check out the Getting Started document, Changelog, FAQ or What’s New in Mela? YouTube playlist. To report bugs or make feature requests visit the Mela Feedback site. For other support queries directly get in touch.

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