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Mela 4.1 Update — DS Oscillator, 3 new Pitch Processor modules, MIDI CC modulation support, Theme Designer

The Mela 4.1 update brings 4 new modules and user interface enhancements. The new DS Oscillator module employs a distortion synthesis technique for creating a morphable waveform. With its Harmonics parameter, you can control the richness of the sound like a low-pass filter would. The Pitch Processor modules Pitch Bend and Vibrato make it easier to add common synth functionality to your presets, as they avoid the need for multiple modules to achieve the same goal. Of course, for full flexibility, you may still want to use multiple modules to create unique effects. The Pitch Ratio module makes it easy to create integer ratio Pitch signals. This is especially useful for ring and frequency modulation synthesis. The MIDI Source module can now respond to all MIDI CC messages and Release Velocity. With an added parameter that lets you smooth out the discontinuities in the modulation signal generated from the incoming MIDI messages.

Mela’s UI has been simplified by merging the sidebar functionality into the toolbar and removing redundant buttons. Tapping on the Preset Selector will toggle the Preset Browser visibility. On the iPhone, the lanes now extend to the edges of the device, utilising the screen fully. Finally, after a long discussion on the Audiobus Forum, Mela users have convinced me to add the Theme Designer feature.

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Check out the latest video and changelog for the full details about this Mela update.

Artist Presets & Themes

There are dedicated pages for Artist Presets and Artist Themes. If you have created Mela 4 presets (whether paid or free) or a theme that you want to share with others let me know and I’ll happily link them there.

Mela 4.1 Changelog

DS Oscillator Module:

Vibrato Module:

Pitch Ratio Module:

Pitch Bend Module:

MIDI Source Module:

User Interface:

Theme Designer:

Other Changes:

To learn more about Mela, check out the Getting Started document, Changelog, FAQ or What’s New in Mela? YouTube playlist. To report bugs or make feature requests visit the Mela Feedback site. For other support queries directly get in touch.

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