Nikolozi — Artist & Engineer

NFM — Nikolozi, Audio Unit Synth for iPad

Introducing NFM, audio unit FM synth for iPad. I original planned to release the app around this time last year, but had to put it on hold for various reasons. But I’m very happy to finally have it out.

This synth consists of 6 stereo operators that can modulate and feedback each other. Each oscillator can be shaped with flexible envelopes and a stereo LFO. All envelopes, including pitch envelope have adjustable curves. To further tweak the sounds you can employ any combination of the included effects: distortion, delay and flanger.

My favourite feature that I personally use a lot is a numeric keypad. It lets you set precise parameter values. Just tap on any parameter value and the keypad will be displayed.

Here are screenshots of NFM:

NFM Screenshot 1 NFM Screenshot 2 NFM Screenshot 3 NFM Screenshot 4

You can read more about it on the NFM page. I hope you enjoy using this app while working on your next track. As always if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch.