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Mela 5.4 Update — Noise Gate, Module Updates

The Mela 5.4 update introduces a fully featured noise gate as a new Mela Lab module. It includes all the standard parameters: Threshold, Hysteresis, Reduction, Attack, Hold, and Release. The Macro Button module has graduated from the Mela Lab and can now be found under the Modulators category.

The new version also brings additional features to existing modules. For example, the VA Oscillator and Simple LFO have new waveforms, and the Random module now includes the Smooth parameter for smoothing out modulation.

There’s also a new Mela preset pack to explore: Samu Vol. 2. Samu continues to influence Mela’s direction by bringing his experience as an artist with a technical mind. He is always the first to test drive new Mela features and modules, integrating them into his ever-evolving presets. Check out the demo track he created below, using only his custom presets.

The Samu Vol. 2 preset pack will continue to be updated with each new version of Mela. Be sure to check Artist Presets regularly.

There’s a lot more to this update, for the full details check out the Changelog.

Mela 5.4

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Mela 5.4 Changelog

Noise Gate Module:

Module Updates:

Other Changes:

To learn more about Mela, check out the Getting Started document, Changelog, FAQ or What’s New in Mela? YouTube playlist. To report bugs or make feature requests visit the Mela Feedback site. For other support queries directly get in touch.

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