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Mela 3.9 Update — Many Improvements in MIDI Modules, Added MIDI Buses

The Arpeggiator module now includes a Retrig parameter, which restarts the arpeggiator pattern on the first note-on. The Rate parameter has been replaced with the new Sync and Offset parameters, which work in alignment with other modules.

The LFO module has introduced the Tilt parameter for the Triangle and Square waveforms, which allows the Triangle waveform to morph into the Ramp Down and Ramp Up waveform. It sets the pulse-width amount for the Square waveform.

MIDI Buses have been added to the Mela MIDI plug-in, enabling the routing of MIDI messages between lanes, in addition to the external MIDI I/O.

Mela 3.9 Changelog

Arpeggiator Module:

LFO Module:

Other MIDI Module Improvements:

MIDI Buses:

Other Changes:

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