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Mela 3.7 Update — New LFO Module, Tempo Sync/Free Modes

The Mela MIDI plug-in now comes with a new LFO module which allows you to modulate any parameter. Like the Random module, it comes with an oscilloscope graph. The module currently only supports the sine waveform, but more will be added in the future.

The modules, LFO, Note Echo, Note Length and Random now can either be tempo-synced or have their time-based parameters to be set in hertz or seconds. Simply set the Sync parameter to “Free” to unlink them from the host’s tempo.

Mela 3.7 Changelog

LFO Module:

Random Module:

Note Echo Module:

Note Length Module:

Panic Module:

Logger Module:

Other Changes:

To learn more check out the User Guide or Mela FAQ. To report bugs or make feature requests visit the Mela Feedback site.

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