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Mela 3.6 Update — Multi-lane Support, Note Length Module

The Mela MIDI plug-in can now have up to 4 lanes of modules. Tap on the Add Lane button to add more lanes. Modules can be dragged and dropped from one lane to another. Each lane has a configurable MIDI input and output. These are virtual MIDI cables that a host can use to send and receive MIDI from the Mela MIDI plug-in. Note that not all hosts support multiple I/O cables. In these hosts simply set all lanes to Input 1 and Output 1. Use AUM on iOS to fully take advantage of this feature.

The new Note Length module lets you control the length of incoming notes. It can also be used to trigger notes from note-off events. The note length can be set using the Sync and Offset parameters.

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Mela 3.6 Changelog


Multi-lane Support:

Note Length Module:

Other Changes:

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