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Mela 3.5 Update — Modulate any Mela MIDI Parameter with the Random Module

The Mela MIDI Plug-in has a new module Random. It generates a random bipolar modulator signal that can modulate any parameter in Mela MIDI. It can be inserted anywhere in the processing chain and will simply let the MIDI signal passthrough without altering it. It has 2 views: the main and modulation targets view. Tap on the view switcher button to change the current view. The modulation targets view allows you to set the target parameters and modulation intensities. Each instance of the Random module can modulate up to 8 parameters. On the main view, the oscilloscope displays the signal graph. Drag it horizontally to adjust the Rate and vertically to adjust the Offset parameter. By setting the Depth parameter to 50% and Offset to 50% the signal becomes unipolar.

Mela 3.5 Changelog

Random Module:

Other Changes:

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