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Mela 2.5 Update Brings macOS Support

Mela 2.5 Release Notes

Mela 2.5 brings macOS support to both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. This means you can now use Mela and Mela FX audio units inside Logic Pro, GarageBand and Reaper on your Mac. If you begin working on a track in GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad, and later open the project in Logic Pro on your Mac, then all instances of Mela and Mela FX audio units will load just as you left them on your iOS device.

Other Changes:

Grab the update from the App Store.

Note: Mela 2.5 is a free update for the existing Mela 2 users. On the Mac App Store, it may look like you need to buy it again but if you’ve already purchased Mela on iOS, your account won’t be charged. You will have to click “Buy Now” on the Mac App Store and once you press confirm purchase, it will say the update is free. I know this is confusing and it’s very frustrating that Apple hasn’t fixed this issue yet. In short, it’s a universal purchase. You buy Mela 2 once and can run it on iPhone, iPad and Mac.