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Mela 1.7 update adds Phase Distortion, new VA Filter and much more

The 1.7 update, adds a lot of new sonic capabilities to Mela. Check out the video and release notes below for more details.

One Important thing to note is that, as of this update, Mela can do everything NPD can and much more. This includes the Phase Distortion and Filter algorithms found in NPD.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to crossgrade NPD users to Mela on the App Store. So, I’ve removed the NPD app from sale and, to help users crossgrade to Mela, it will be on sale for 50% off for a limited time.

Mela 1.7 Release Notes


New Virtual Analog Filter:

LFO 3:


Turning Off Components: Most Mela Synth and Mela FX components can either be disabled or bypassed. This means that components can be turned on or off as needed to optimise your CPU usage. Additionally, disabled component’s parameters will have a dimmed look. This allows to quickly see which parts of the Synth or FX are affecting the sound.



Grab the update from the App Store.