Nikolozi — Artist & Engineer

Mela 3 — Synth, FX & MIDI

Audio Unit Plug-in Suite for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Mela is an intuitive virtual analog synthesiser and multi-effects processor with a streamlined interface. It can be loaded either as an instrument, audio effect or a MIDI processor plug-in inside a host application such as AUM, BeatMaker, Cubasis, GarageBand, Ableton Live or Logic Pro.

If you begin working on a track in GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad, and later open the project in Logic Pro on your Mac, then all instances of Mela, Mela FX and Mela MIDI plug-ins will load just as you left them on your iOS device.

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Mela – Synthesiser Audio Unit Plug-in (AUv3)

Mela FX – Multi-FX Audio Unit Plug-in (AUv3)

Mela MIDI – MIDI Processor Audio Unit Plug-in (AUv3)



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Plug-in Features

Mela App

Artist Presets

You can find artist presets created for Mela 3 on this page.


To learn more about Mela 3, check out the Mela 3 User Guide, Changelog or What’s New in Mela? YouTube playlist.

Mela 3 Synth Plug-in Screenshots

Mela 3 Screenshot 1 Mela 3 Screenshot 2 Mela 3 Screenshot 3