Turn your Mac keyboard & mouse into a MIDI Controller

Easy MIDI turns your Mac keyboard, trackpad and mouse into a powerful MIDI controller. It sends MIDI notes and control messages to any soft synth or DAW such as GarageBand, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, Digital Performer, Reason and Pro Tools.

This is very useful when you want to jot down some musical ideas quickly and easily whilst travelling, sitting in a coffee shop or even on your couch at home. Experiment with melodies, chord progressions and drum patterns wherever you are with ease.

You can even control CoreMIDI iOS apps or hardware synth via MIDI interface.


  • Send MIDI notes and control messages to any DAW or MIDI driver
  • Notes can be triggered using alphanumeric keys
  • Over 3 octaves under your fingertips
  • Trigger chords using numeric keys
  • Experiment with chord progressions and save them as Chord Sets
  • Create custom scales
  • Easily change keyboard octave with up/down arrow keys
  • Use left/right arrow keys to change starting note
  • MPC style drum pads layout
  • Visual feedback eliminates the need to look down on your Mac keyboard
  • Sustain on/off can be triggered with a space bar
  • Vertical scroll changes note velocity
  • Pitch bender can be controlled with a pinch zoom gesture or a vertical mouse drag
  • Modulation can be controlled with a rotation gesture or a vertical mouse move
  • Trigger MIDI Bank Select & Program Change
  • Mini View


Video Tutorial


Get it from the Mac App Store.


To learn more about Easy MIDI check out the help page.

If you experience any bugs, have feature suggestions or for any other support query please get in touch.