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Mela FAQ

This page answers the most common support queries that I receive for Mela. I’m developing it as my primary tool for music-making and live performance. However, I’m the only person working on the project and the earnings from the app sales hardly justify the hours that I’m putting into it.

Will Mela 4 support iOS 15 / macOS 12 or earlier?

Unfortunately, Mela 4 and later will not support iOS 15 and macOS 12. I know it’s very upsetting to the users on older devices that can’t upgrade to the latest OS. But I have very limited resources. I currently have to test and support all 3 types of Mela plug-ins (Instrument, Audio Effect and MIDI Processor) inside multiple AUv3 hosts (GarageBand, Logic Pro, AUM, Cubasis, Live etc) on multiple devices with different form factors (iPhones, iPads and Macs). That’s a lot of work as it is, and supporting older OS versions would significantly increase the debugging and testing required. Furthermore, the app uses iOS 16 / macOS 13 only features. Writing code to incorporate the same functionality on older devices is non-trivial work. Finally, I have a long list of user feature requests, and I would rather focus my efforts on that.

I’m a YouTube/Instagram artist/influencer and I would like to showcase Mela in my videos.

Sounds great. Send me links to your pages and I’ll provide you with a promo code. Don’t forget to add the #MelaSession hashtag to your post, so I can discover it easily.

How do I become a beta tester?

If you enjoy using Mela and would like to be part of the development process, by providing feedback on new features before each release, sign up via TestFlight.

I would like to report a bug / make a feature request.

Visit the Mela Feedback site and create a post.

I would like to get a refund.

Unfortunately, developers have no direct way of issuing refunds. But you should be able to do so via Apple’s site. Follow the instructions described here.

Mela is too expensive

If you genuinely can’t afford Mela for whatever reason, get in touch and I’ll provide you with a promo code.

Mela is too cheap.

If you want to help me turn Mela into a sustainable business don’t wait for the sales or use app bundles for discounts. Buy the app today, spread the word and leave a review on the App Store.

Mela app icon kind of looks like a fox.

Thanks for noticing. Mela means fox in Georgian.