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Artist Themes for Mela

Artist Themes

The Matrix by Samu

8BC680 FFFFFF 8BC680 10180F 031001

RoundMidnight by Jon Diercks

5832E2 285FF5 5832E2 0F0538 001000

Sea by blur effect

EDEAC8 93A0A3 EDEAC8 5A6D77 264356

Sand Oak by Hubert-Jan Hubeek

5B320D 563C0F F8D68F 3D0603 C8872E

Bluezy by Tamer Negm


Pink Panther by wRRng

EA39F2 EE80C0 FBFAFF ED6DB1 000000

Complimentary by DMT CYMATICS

285FF5 FFFFFF F5C944 1941A3 000000

c64 by Saïd van Hattum


Drambo by blur effect

C9DDFB D95647 8787B4 11141A 454C5F

Synthmaster 2 by Daniel Nonnweiler

A9ACB7 84CDE8 6B66F2 15151E 2E2F36

C64esque by Samu

30309A E0E0FC C0C0FA 50509B 8080C0


  1. Select and copy a string of colour hexes.
  2. Open the Settings in Mela 4 or later.
  3. Set the Theme field to Custom.
  4. Navigate to the Theme Designer.
  5. Tap on the Paste button to apply the theme.

Note that the colour values are in P3. If your device doesn’t support P3 colour Mela will automatically handle all conversions to and from sRGB values, i.e. you don’t need to think about this detail at all.

Submitting a Theme

If you created a Mela 4+ theme that you want to share with other Mela users let me know and I’ll happily post them here.

Built-in Themes

Here are the colour sets from the built-in themes, in case you want to use any of them as a starting point.

Mela 1

ED7931 ED762F EE8232 2B0802 010000

Mela 2

EC687D BA889D 90E9FC 3F3433 161616

Mela 3

EE839A AC87BF EF8683 151E24 0D0D0D

Mela 4+

E594E5 D0A2D3 EE7F4A 221E2C 060807


141414 616161 1F1F1F D2D2D2 F9FAF9