Artist & Engineer

Artist Presets for Mela 5

Samu continues to influence Mela’s direction by bringing his experience as an artist with a technical mind. He is always the first to test drive new Mela features and modules, integrating them into his ever-evolving presets. Check out the demo track he created below, using only his custom presets. The Samu Vol. 2 preset pack will continue to be updated with each new version of Mela. Be sure to check back regularly.

Samu has been very instrumental during the beta phase of Mela 4. His feedback shaped a few major features. He developed these presets as he explored and tested Mela. His “chip tune obsession” comes through the presets, they are quite cool, enjoy. My thanks to him for his efforts!

Sound of Izrael presets are some of the best. Head over to Gumroad and buy his Mela 4 “Orange Book” 76 presets pack. Check out The Sound Test Room demo.

If you created Mela presets, whether paid or free, that you want to share with other Mela users let me know and I’ll happily link them here.

If you are looking for presets for Mela 1-3, visit this page.