Nikolozi — Artist & Engineer

New Album — Unresolved

For the past 8 months I’ve been working on my new album – Unresolved and it’s finally here. It starts out with downtempo electronica and works its way up to techno. The album is quite dynamic with every track offering different sonic qualities. Hopefully, each conveying a unique emotion through different rhythmic styles, melodies and instrumentation. You’ll hear distorted analog synth, traditional Chinese instruments, classic drum machines and Indian and African percussion all wrapped up into one.

Sources of ideas and inspirations came from all sorts of places. From sampling screechy kitchen chairs to echoes of tunnels to messing around with music apps on my iPhone during lunchtimes.

I would like to think of this 7-track collection as humanised electronic music, created by capturing imperfect improvisations and randomising various aspects of instruments and notes to prevent the perfection. Also, you will find that most melodies and chord progressions don’t resolve. That’s just what I love doing. So, I think, the title of the album is apt.

You can download or stream Unresolved from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and SoundCloud.