Nikolozi — Artist & Engineer

Sunsetting MIDI Sketch

You may already know that I’m fully focused on the development of Mela. That means, I have very limited time left for the other app projects. In 2013, when I released MIDI Editor 1.0 (later was renamed to MIDI Sketch), it was one of very few apps which did MIDI sequencing on iOS.

I know some people still find MIDI Sketch very useful, as I often get emails from them. But the problem is, in 2021, people have different expectations from the app named MIDI Sketch. Even though, the app description clearly lists its features and in the second paragraph (on the App Store page), I urged people to read the description carefully before making the purchase, some users still bought the app expecting it do something else. Then they would leave 1-star reviews, like “Can’t beleive it doesn’t do X, I asked for refund.” And of course, the app description never said it did X. But I get it. MIDI Sketch doesn’t meet my standards of what features a MIDI sequencing app should offer on iOS in 2021. Additionally, the App Store is full of great alternatives. So, I’ve removed MIDI Sketch from the App Store. Thank you to all MIDI Sketch users.