Nikolozi — Artist & Engineer

New Album — Observer

I’ve always tried to make the kind of music that I would want to find in a music store and take home. It’s harder than it sounds. The challenge is knowing what kind of music you want to hear next, because after decades of listening to a wide variety of artists, you feel like you’ve heard every interesting idea that’s out there. Having said that, every time I create a new album, I feel closer to that goal. But maybe that’s just an illusion and I’m chasing a ghost.

Either way, my new album Observer gives me that same feeling. Each track has its own personality, but certain characteristics chain them together. You can think of this record as a continuation of Unresolved from last year. It’s produced in a similar style and takes a different look at some of the same themes and ideas.

Hopefully, Observer tells you an interesting story.

You can download or stream the album from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and SoundCloud.