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Major update to Lyrics View, the app that its users wouldn't let me kill

Lyrics View was the first app I’ve ever published on the App Store. It was 2010. Over the years it actually increased in popularity amongst the singers. But since I wanted to focus on the music making apps, and I figured someone else would have built a similar app anyway, I stoped updating it and then eventually removed the app from the App Store. This was followed by a lots of tweets and emails from the users asking me to put it back, even if I didn’t intend to update it. So I did. Then iOS 11 beta comes along and drops 32-bit support. Again, the users rose up and requested an update. Initially I hesitated, but eventually I gave in and did a full rewrite of Lyrics View. Here are the details:

This is version 3 of the popular Lyrics View app. It has been fully rewritten from scratch to support all modern iOS devices. It is used by professional and karaoke singers around the world. The clean and minimal interface lets you focus on the song lyrics played by the iOS music app.

Lyrics View can be used in any orientation on iPhone and fully supports iPad multitasking. With the built-in theme picker, you can change the colour scheme, font, text size and alignment for the best experience.

You can easily control the music player and queue songs from within the app.

Note that the app doesn’t come with any lyrics, nor does it download them from the internet. You need to ensure that your music collection is tagged properly. Lyrics View loads lyrics from the song file tags. You can easily edit them by using the iTunes application on your desktop computer. For more information and any support queries please visit the product website.

You can grab the Lyrics View from the App Store.