Nikolozi — Artist & Engineer

New Album — Dark Rooms

Inspired by my travels through Europe and influenced by Georgia’s electronic music scene, I present to you my sixth album: Dark Rooms. The tracks are longer, darker, and have a more deliberate sound to them when compared to previous albums. They evolve slowly and minimally but drive hard. Many ideas started out by having me sonically mangle with sounds that I sampled from my surroundings. These remained as the defining features of the tracks. The others were born from tweaking parameters of my favourite synths. As with all my previous work, there’s a story behind each piece.

The album also showcases an awesome remix of 33 by nsu. And a fun track, Inevitable Approach, which I produced with my brother in 2010 but I didn’t have the courage to release it back then.

Dark Rooms is now streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Beatport, YouTube, Tidal, Google Music, Deezer and iTunes.