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NFM User Guide


NFM is an intuitive FM synthesizer with a streamlined interface. It works as an Audio Unit extension inside host applications such as AUM, Cubasis, GarageBand and Logic Pro.

User Interface

NFM interface consists of 2 views of controls titled Operators and FX & Output. The Operators view allows you to configure individual operators as well as the FM modulation matrix. The FX & Output view lets you further shape the sound.

Parameter Controls

Parameter Values and Numeric Pad

When adjusting a parameter the title of its control is replaced by the parameter value. To view the parameter value without adjusting it simply tap on its control or handle. The values can be set precisely using the built-in Numeric Pad. Simply tap on the value and the Numeric Pad will be presented.

Preset Selector

FM Algorithm

FM Algorithm’s interface is inspired by Native Instrument’s FM8 FM Matrix. It allows you to wire up modulators and carriers in any way you like. Every operator can be a modulator, a carrier, or both simultaneously. Each modulator can modulate any number of carriers. For example, operator C can modulate D, E and F and send feedback to A and B operators.


NFM comes with 6 stereo operators, which can self-feedback and be further modulated by the stereo LFO.

FM Drive





Pitch Envelope


The stereo flanger’s left and right channels are 90ΒΊ out of phase.



CPU Performance