Thoughts on Ohm Studio

by Nikolozi Meladze

Ohm Studio looks promising, but it’s not there yet. It’s in beta at the moment and hence it’s hard to judge what the final product is going to be like. I tested with a friend — trying to collaborate on a track. It was pretty impressive how well it was sync-ing all his changes back to my session. I could see what he was doing every step of the way.

Quick thoughts:

  • Just like Ableton Live, it’s a cross platform app and it doesn’t feel like a true Cocoa app. But UI graphics looks good and the built plug-ins look very nice.
  • It comes with all the great sounding plug-ins ohm force is known for.
  • Routing is a bit funny and not so straightforward, I’m not a fan. Try side chaining a compressor, you’ll know what I mean.
  • Navigating around the arrange window can be a bit of a mission. Zooming in & out is not very smooth.
  • And forget about editing MIDI clips. This is very important to me. So hopefully will see some improvements in this area.
  • Biggest thing that may turn you off is that it’s nowhere near as polished as 10 year old DAWs we are all used to - like Logic or Live.
  • Chat room integration is pretty awesome and it works quite well. Make sure you set the project permissions correctly or else random people may join the chat and do stuff to your project.
  • Setting this permissions settings is not straightforward either, and seems a bit cumbersome.
  • Weirdly enough only type of audio export it supports is Ogg Vorbis. Maybe that’s just a beta limitation.

Overall I think it picks up where Ableton Share failed. For now I’ll go back to my trusted DAWs, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this. It has a great potential. There are a lot of features (like automation and various sharing capabilities) I haven’t fully explored, but I’ll review it again in 6 months.