The Digital Versus Film Divide In Hollywood

by Nikolozi Meladze


The behind-the-scenes battle going on in Hollywood: digital versus film. Movies like The Avengers are shot entirely digital while movies like The Dark Knight Rises are still done entirely with film. 

While the digital camp is trying to lure moviegoers with 3D, the film camp is increasingly using IMAX — in fact, The Dark Knight Rises will have over a hour of footage shot specifically for IMAX screens on 65mm film. 

One wildcard are RED Epic digital cameras, which Peter Jackson is using for the upcoming Hobbit films. Given the increase in resolution (5k versus 2k) and the move to 48 frames-per-second (up from 24), it could be enough to push everyone to digital.

Good old digital vs analogue debate. Didn’t know this was still going on in film industry. Music industry has moved on to digital a long time ago. There are a few exceptions of course, some recording studios still have big analogue consoles decorating their rooms. Mostly to impress their clients.