Nick Thayer's Sales Breakdown for Like Boom EP

by Nikolozi Meladze

Nick Thayer:

I wanted to take a second to break some numbers down for you. I’m doing this to be transparent. To let you know what the life of a producer/DJ looks like from the financial end. People often think there’s a huge amount of money in this scene. There is, but it is very concentrated and in the hands of very, VERY few people. The vast majority are on similar numbers to me, running on fumes most of the time to make this thing work. We do it because we LOVE THE ABSOLUTE SHIT out of writing music, playing music and sharing music.

Interesting read.

New Album: One Point Oh

by Nikolozi Meladze

For the past few months I've been busy finishing my first electronica album and it's finally here. I'm quite happy how it turned out. There are some new tracks on it that I haven't published online previously. You can listen to the album on SoundCloud.

It's already on sale on Beatport and will be available on iTunes and Spotify in 2 weeks.

I kept postponing releasing my music for a long time. But at the same time I knew I had to do it soon. The final push came from my brother in a form of a text message:

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.38.46 pm.png

He is referring to an awesome article 1.0 Is the Loneliest Number by Matt Mullenweg. I don't know how many times I read that post, and always found it inspiring.

Identifying Tracks in DJ Sets Just Got Easier

by Nikolozi Meladze

Beatport News:

Today, Beatport and music-ID app developer Shazam announced a deal to add the entire Shazam catalog to the Shazam database, allowing DJs and fans to more easily and quickly identify dance tracks they’re hearing simply by holding up their phones.

Beatport ingests some 20,000 new tracks every week, about a third of which are exclusively available before any other retailer gets them. By providing these songs to Shazam, we’re ensuring that clubgoers can immediately discover new songs the very same weekend they debut in the club. This is especially important for our independent label partners and suppliers. We have deals in place with more than 3,600 suppliers representing over 20,000 labels that Shazam may not ever get around to striking deals with directly.