Propellerhead Shop is Getting a Lot of Love from Third Party Developers

by Nikolozi Meladze

Propellerhead Shop was launched just over a week ago along with Reason 6.5 and its users can already get hold of Reason’s Rack Extensions from 11 different audio plug-in developers (more to come):

  • Softube
  • Synapse Audio
  • AudioRealism
  • Sonic Charge
  • Sugar Bytes
  • iZotope
  • KORG
  • FXpansion
  • PEFF
  • Audio Damage
  • Propellerhead

Very impressive.

This is a very good thing for the Reason users. I’d like to see a similar online stores in other DAWs as well. Advantages of such stores are:

  1. One place to browse & discover new plug-ins
  2. One place to update all plug-ins
  3. You know you are getting a quality plug-in because it’s a curated store. Which means less crashes.
  4. Don’t need to deal with serial numbers, iLoks or some other anti-piracy mechanisms.

Propellerhead has a bright future. They adopted a successful App Store model for the plug-ins and I see it as a good thing. Obviously, the third party developers think so too, considering how fast they ported their plug-ins to the Rack Extension format. Everybody wins - users, third-part developers & Propellerhead.