‘October software’

by Nikolozi Meladze


The Mac version of iPhoto has been getting quite stale, and now that Apple has reimagined it for iOS, it’s possible that they’ll move some of those new features and concepts over to the Mac version. I have no love for the iOS version, so I’m not looking forward to that kind of “upgrade”, but the app is badly in need of some attention either way. The rest of iLife seems to be just fine where it is right now; GarageBand and iMovie could do with minor updates, but no one’s picketing in Cupertino for them.

I will pick on GarageBand (and Logic Pro). It hasn’t received an update in a while. The iOS version has some really cool features. Would be good to see those translated back to the Mac version. Also, GarageBand and Logic Pro have to be the only non-retina Apple apps left.