iPad Audio Apps in December

by Nikolozi Meladze

It’s been a great month for music producers, we now have even more audio apps and technologies that are available on iPad. Audiobus, Cubasis, iMPC, Lemur… just to name a few. If you still think that iPad is a toy and is not for professional musicians get your head out of your butt.

I’m quite impressed by the capabilities of Audiobus, and the best thing about it is the developer adoption rate. 29 audio apps already support it.

Cubasis is a new DAW app for iPad, which is quite feature rich. It includes features like: a build-in audio editor, support for unlimited number of tracks, AudioCopy and project export to Cubase. These features themselves are not as impressive as the fact that Steinberg, one of the biggest desktop computer DAW maker, decides to release an iOS DAW app. It’s just a sign of how the times are changing. Maybe will see Pro Tools and Ableton Live for iPad in the near future.

It’s all happening.