iOS App Folders & Discoverability

by Nikolozi Meladze

John Gruber:

I’ve been thinking about it recently, and it seems to me I’ve been using the New York Times iOS app less frequently since it moved into Newsstand. I’ve pretty much got everything I want on my first iPad home screen; I’d rather have the Times app there than inside the Newsstand folder. For me, Newsstand is a place where apps go to be forgotten.

After Apple added support for app folders in iOS, I organised my apps in categories. I ended up with a bunch of folders which only occupied 2-3 pages on my iPad and iPhone. Soon I realised I had completely forgotten about some of the awesome apps I had on my devices, as they were hidden in folders. These days I don’t have any app folders on either of them. It makes it much easier to rediscover some of the apps you haven’t used in a while.