Easy Drag 1.2: Free, Removed From Mac App Store & Supports Caps Lock

by Nikolozi Meladze

Easy Drag users will be excited to find out that it finally supports Caps Lock. That’s right, you can now use Caps Lock to perform clicks and drags. It was one of the most requested features and I finally figured out how to make it work.

Now, bad news is that it’s out of the Mac App Store. The simple reason being that there is no way I can App Sandbox Easy Drag. I could have left the older version in the Mac App Store, but that’s just bad form. Or I could have added some complicated payment and cumbersome serial protection systems. That would just be a headache, not just for the users but for me also. So the second good news is that I made Easy Drag 1.2 available as a free download.

So head over to Easy Drag page and download it. If you decide to use caps lock as your mouse button make sure you disable caps lock functionality. To do this, on your Mac go to System Preferences > Keyboards and press “Modifier Keys…” button. You’ll be presented with a new dialog box. Simply set “Caps Lock Key” field to “No Action”, press “OK” and you are done.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who paid and supported Easy Drag while it was enjoying its App Store lifestyle.

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