EarPods: Mini Review

by Nikolozi Meladze

Wow is all I can say about Apple’s new EarPods. I was quite surprised how good they sound. I’ve been a long time user of Apple’s In-Ear Headphones. They are pro level earphones that sound great. I’ve been very happy with it. So I’m going to compare them to EarPods.

Sound quality wise, EarPods are a huge improvement over Apple’s previous generation earphones. Bass sounds solid and the overall sound has a lot of clarity. In-Ear headphones’ mids sound a little bit clearer, but generally EarPods & In-Ear headphones are in the same league.

Comfort wise, EarPods are the most comfortable earphones I’ve ever used. I’ve used it during jogging and at the gym, and they sit right inside your ears without falling out. If you are one of those people who listen to music in bed EarPods feel very comfortable even when you rest a side of your head on a pillow. The same thing can not be said about Apple’s In-Ear headphones.

In-Ear headphones used to be my go to earphones for my day to day music listening. But now I’ve switched EarPods, and I only use In-Ear ones when I’m making, mixing or analysing music. Let’s hope that Apple makes a pro version of EarPods.

I know it had a lot of mixed review from the other users, but I can’t think of a single pair of earphones that sounds better and are as comfortable at AU$35 price point. I highly recommend it. Go get it.