Converting GarageBand Projects to Logic Pro 96kHz Projects

by Nikolozi Meladze

I use GarageBand on my iPad to sketch song ideas just because it’s so easy and natural. Once I have a solid idea that I want to pursue, I import the project into my Logic Pro. At the moment iPad only supports recording and playback of 44.1kHz audio files. Hence, the GarageBand projects all use that sample rate.

Since Apple starting asking (PDF) publishers to start submitting 24-bit/96kHz recording to future proof the songs, I started working in 96kHz projects in Logic Pro. It takes twice the CPU, but these days Macs are powerful enough.

So, whenever I import GarageBand project into Logic Pro, first thing I do is open File > Project Settings > Audio… dialog and change the sample rate to 96.000kHz. This however causes problems with audio files that were recorded at 44.1kHz in GarageBand. They are not automatically converted to 96kHz and when you play them back they sound pitched up. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for it:

  1. Open Audio Bin in Logic
  2. Selecting the audio files
  3. Select Audio File > Copy/Convert File(s) menu item
  4. Change the Sample Rate to 96kHz
  5. Optionally, change File Format to CAF (saves hard disk space)
  6. Press Save button and you are done.

We can expect iOS devices to start supporting 96kHz audio at some point in the future. But I can’t see that happening anytime soon, as 96kHz audio requires more than twice the CPU power over 44.1kHz audio.