Capturing Audio from Spotify to Analyse Songs

by Nikolozi Meladze

As a music producer you often analyse the other artists’ music, to either learn from them or steal that great chord progression or that mad beat pattern. Often times this requires you to get hold of the song file to slow it down or use some sort of an audio utility to analyse its audio contents.

A great thing about iTunes is that you can easily drag any song from your music library and drop it straight into your favourite DAW to analyse it. But if you are a Spotify user like me you can’t easily access the music files. Although they are cached on your system, the files are all encrypted and you can’t play them back by anything other than Spotify. Luckily, Rogue Amoeba Software has 2 great apps Audio Hijack Pro and Piezo. They are designed to help you capture audio streams from web or any audio app that you might be running on your system. Piezo UI looks beautiful and it’s very simple to use, however Audio Hijack Pro has more features and can capture in lossless formats.

A long story short, I use them to capture audio from Spotify to analyse songs.

If you want to sample a song, it’s worth getting hold of an uncompressed version of it, as you want to get the best sound quality possible.