Ableton Live 8.4 Beta Goes 64-bit

by Nikolozi Meladze

Ableton Blog:

We are pleased to announce the beta version of Live 8.4, featuring native 64-bit support.

With 64-bit support, Sets in Live 8 can now accommodate much larger memory usage, 64-bit third-party plugins and 64-bit ReWire configurations. Registered Live 8, Suite 8, Live Intro or Live Lite 8 users can download the beta now.

Nice! It’s about time. My guess is Live 9 is taking way too long. After all it been over 3 years since Live 8.0 was released and they used to release a new major version every year. And to shut the complainers up Ableton decided to add 64-bit support to version 8.

The 64-bit version of Live 8 does not support Max for Live, video, or The Bridge. We are currently working with our partners to add support for these features.

Sucks for Max for Live users.