NFM Preset Selector & User Guide

by Nikolozi Meladze

I posed NFM 1.0.1 update last week with a new preset selector feature, that also works inside host applications. I've been trying to maintain the position that AUv3 host apps should provide their own implementation of preset selectors for uniform user experience. But a few weeks ago I was reminded by one of the NFM users that the user interfaces of preset selectors provided by some hosts aren't that great at the moment. Take GarageBand for example, most people don't know how to switch to the built-in preset selector view. And once you get to it, it's just as unintuitive that you need to swipe the preset selector icon left or right to switch the AU presets quickly. Hence the decision to finally bite the bullet and provide my own implementation of it. NS1 will get that feature as well soon.

Also, I've finally completed the NFM User Guide. It is also accessible from within the NFM standalone app. As always, all feedback is welcome.