Pono Music: ‘Righteous bits’

by Nikolozi Meladze

Dan Rutter:

Problem one, which is a bit of a biggie, is that 24/192 doesn't actually sound better than CD audio.

High bit rate and sample depth are used in recording studios for the same reason photo editors use 48-bit colour and very high resolution instead of 24-bit colour and image dimensions the same as the final target. The larger format doesn't actually sound or look any better than the final - actually, works in the editing progress generally look and sound a lot worse than the final product, which is kind of the idea. But extra resolution and depth gives a bigger range for processing and correction without running out of resolution and creating odd artifacts.

Once you've finished mixing and retouching, you drop the result to the normal "consumer" format for output. Because you know that even you, the professional photo editor or sound producer, can't actually perceive any benefit from keeping the product in the extra-large editing format.

This sums it up well. If you are going to read one article about Pono Music make it this one.