GarageBand & Skeuomorphism

by Nikolozi Meladze


Other apps, however, like Garageband, will take much more work and careful consideration to preserve the character that people love. It’s not as easy as removing a texture, adding transparency, or turning a button into plain text. The depth and realism that were once added through skeuomorphism and gradients have to be replaced with a new sense of realism through the use of animations, transparency, and the parallax effect. This presents a tough challenge for Apple. Obviously, a 3D rendering of an electric guitar or a vintage organ aren’t going to fly anymore, but what is the digital equivalent? Perhaps the closest example we have today is iOS 7’s calculator app. Although the interface doesn’t try to emulate the plastic buttons and LCD screen of a real calculator, the use of animations make it feel real. Pressing down on a button doesn’t just darken it, the entire button elegantly depresses, behaving like a real world object.

I'm very curious what Apple is actually going to do with GarageBand on iOS. Are they going to drop all the real world analogies? It's probably one of the most Skeuomorphic Apple apps on iOS 7.

And what about the third party music apps? Will the music app developers follow the Apple's lead? Most of the synth apps in the App Store are all skeumorphic at the moment.