After 4 Long Years of Wait Apple Releases a New Major Version of Logic Pro

by Nikolozi Meladze

Today Apple released Logic Pro X. It's big news for audio & music lovers. All major audio blogs are discussing it. Check out great reviews by Jim Dalrymple and Peter Kirn. Kirn dives deeper and his review is more detailed. I highly recommend checking it out. Also, Sonic Academy uploaded a few demo videos of Logic Pro X on YouTube. Here’s one showcasing Logic’s new instrument Retro Synth.

The first thing that struck me when I saw Logic Pro X screenshots and its remote controller iPad app was heavy use of skeumorphism. Don’t get me wrong, they look beautiful. I just find it odd after seeing big changes in iOS 7 UI, and even in Mavericks Apple is moving towards flatter designs. That’s probably a hint that GarageBand for iOS will stay loyal to skeumorphism.

The features I’m most excited about:

  • SmartControls, with customisable layouts (no other DAW lets you customise layouts for macro controls).
  • Track Stacks. This is going to make sound layering and track management easier.
  • MIDI effects (including Arpeggiator). I was never a fan of Logic’s Environment. This is great!
  • Flex Pitch. Too bad it’s not polyphonic like Melodyne, but it’s a good start.
  • Drummer. This is also a welcome addition, as I’ve been to using more and more live sounding drums in my tracks. I’ve really had enough of the standard EDM drum sounds and patterns.

I might do my own mini review once I've had enough time playing with Logic Pro X.

Maybe, we’ll also see an update for GarageBand for Mac. It’s long overdue. If nothing else it still needs to be updated for retina displays.