Auria 1.10 Update Adds Support for MCU & HUI Protocols

by Nikolozi Meladze

Auria 1.10 Release Notes:

  • MIDI Sync with MTC, MMC and Midi clock options
  • MIDI support for plugins
  • MIDI remote control for controlling Auria with Mackie MCU and HUI surfaces
  • Full MIDI MTC chase capability
  • Mixdown e-mail option
  • Clip-based gain handle
  • New Icon bar in Editor
  • Snap to locators, markers and highlight
  • AudioShare integration
  • Auto input monitor option

Support for Mackie MCU and HUI protocols is a bit puzzling. First off, both protocols are very limited for modern DAWs. They haven't been updated for 15 years. But more importantly, Auria is running on an iPad and you can directly interact with the virtual faders and knobs. Why add an extra layer of abstraction? Sure, you are not getting the tactile feel of the hardware faders, but that doesn't really matter because you are looking at the software controls as you adjust them. Seems to me that using MCU/HUI hardware controllers will only create distance between you and the music you are working on rather than bringing you closer to it.