Easy MIDI Free Edition Released

by Nikolozi Meladze

A couple of days I ago I released a free version of Easy MIDI. You can grab it from the Mac App Store. It's basically a cut down version of Easy MIDI with the following featues:

  • Send MIDI notes to any DAW or MIDI driver
  • Notes can be triggered using alphanumeric keys
  • Easily change keyboard octave with up/down arrow keys
  • Use left/right arrow keys to change starting note
  • Visual feedback eliminates the need to look down on your Mac keyboard
  • Sustain on/off can be triggered with a space bar
  • Vertical scroll changes note velocity
  • Mini View

Easy MIDI Free is really an expriment to see if I it can make computer musicians aware of the existance of Easy MIDI app. Since its release I've noticed it has been climbing Mac App Store's free app charts under the Music category. Let's see if it will convert to actual sales of the full vesion.