Why DAW by Native Instruments Makes Sense

by Nikolozi Meladze

A couple of days ago Native Instruments announced Komplete 9. It was clear that it was going to happen soon from those YouTube teasers. This announcement got me thinking about the products that Native Instruments makes. They make all sorts of audio manipulation and music creation software, but one major type of software that's missing from their offerings is a DAW.

More I think about it more it makes sense. They've got an awesome drum machine (Battery), a wide variety of synthesisers (FM8, Absynth, Massive, Monark etc.), powerful sampler (Kontakt), guitar amp emulation (Guitar Rig), great set of mixing and creative plug-ins. In addition to this, they've got a huge sample library and a beast modular sound studio, Reaktor.

Imagine all these plug-ins tightly integrated into a DAW that ships with a huge sample library. And Reaktor baked right into it, a bit like Max for Live. That system could easily compete with Ableton & Logic Pro.

That's not all! They've got hardware experience too, both in controllers and audio interfaces. I think at this point nothing makes more sense than DAW which brings all Native Instruments products together. I wouldn't be surprised if they are already working on it.

Since NI will be creating a DAW from scratch they have a great opportunity to learn from the other DAW makers and their mistakes. They could create something radically new and unique without worrying that they might alienating their users.