AudioCR Midi FX Freeze Audio Unit Plug-in for Logic Pro X

by Nikolozi Meladze

AudioCR releases a really cool Audio Unit MIDI utility. It lets you render out your MIDI FX chains right inside Logic Pro X. Interestingly, I had a very similar idea when Logic Pro X came out. I wanted to build a Audio Unit plug-in that would let me do exactly what Midi FX Freeze does. I like to know what sort of magic MIDI arpeggiator might be doing and maybe tweak the resulting MIDI clip some more. But I just didn’t have time to start yet another software project. So, instead I settled for using OS X’s built-in IAC Driver and Logic’s External Instrument Audio Unit to render out MIDI FX chains. In Ableton Live, you simply right click on a MIDI clip (that’s not running through an instrument), select menu item “Freeze” and your MIDI chain is instantly flattened. Hopefully, Apple will add this sort of functionality to Logic. In the meantime, AudioCR offers a neat solution.