How to Configure PreSonus Studio One for Easy MIDI

by Nikolozi Meladze

Recently Easy MIDI user asked me how to send MIDI messages from Easy MIDI to PreSonus's Studio One. I thought I'd post step-by-step guide here so the other users can benefit too. Note that, most other DAWs (e.g. GarageBand & Logic Pro) don't require any special configuration, as by default they listen to all incoming MIDI messages from all MIDI drivers.

This is how you configure PreSonus Studio One:

  1. Launch Easy MIDI.
  2. Launch Studio One.
  3. Open Studio One's Preferences and click on External Devices tab.
  4. Press Add… button, Add Device window will open.
  5. From the list (on the left side) select New Keyboard.
  6. You can change the devices name to Easy MIDI by typing into the Device Name field.
  7. From the Receive From drop down list pick Easy MIDI driver. You don't need to set Send To.
  8. Press OK to close the Add Device window.
  9. Press OK again to close the Preferences window.

That's all.