iZotope Ozone 5

by Nikolozi Meladze


iZotope is proud to introduce two groundbreaking new products: Ozone 5, the biggest update ever to our critically-acclaimed software mastering suite, and Ozone 5 Advanced, a new enhanced version of Ozone specially tuned to the needs and requests of professional mixing and mastering engineers.

Well that says pretty much nothing other than the fact that new version of Ozone will come in 2 flavours. Ozone has been one of my favourite plug-ins for a long time. One feature I've always wished for is an ability to load individual modules as seperate plug-ins. For instance, I love the stereo spread that's part of Ozone. I just wish it was a standalone plug-in so I could add stereo spread to individual tracks. I know I can bypass all modules except the stereo spread, but I still prefer standalone modules. I guess it's psycological.