It Better Be Damned Good

by Nikolozi Meladze

Peter Kirn:

Don’t assume that for a second. Assume the opposite: the Moog name means it better be damned good, or you should get your pitchforks. ... Independent developers have done some fantastic work in iPad synths, work that obviously influenced the creation of the Animoog. Implying their work was somehow not “professional,” when this synth is built on that work, is insulting.

Great piece. I think Animoog does look very promising. I've only played with it briefly and my only complaint so far is that that the knobs should respond to circular motion touches instead of the linear ones. It makes more sense and feels more natural. I understnad why linear knob operations make more sense on computers, it's just easir to make linear drags using a mouse. But for touchscreen circular motion is the way to go.