‘Easy Drag - Brilliant, Saviour, Works Fantastically’

by Nikolozi Meladze

Speaking of negative comments, here are some amazing reviews I've received from Easy Drag users from US & UK.

Brilliant - ★★★★★ by Alex 2589 - Version 1.0 - Oct 17, 2011:

My trackpad has become difficult to press and right clicking is hit and miss already. The dragging is great but i use it for all clicking!

Saviour - ★★★★★ - Version 1.0 - Sep 19, 2011:

Now I will not develop RSI with my trackpad - so simple ... so necessary

Easy Drag - ★★★★ by word-aholic - Version 1.0 - Nov 24, 2011:

Easy Drag is just that, EASY. I have arthritis in hands and vision problems. I switch between mouse, track pad and Magic Trac Pad. In all these I can now easy drag and drop whatever. I no longer have to struggle with trying to 'drag lock' items. Easy Drag is a liilte ackward to use at first. I had to work to get the 'feel' for use. Easy Drag works best with Magic Track Pad. But, use with trackpad and mouse aren't that far behind.

Easy Drag - ★★★★★ by Easy Drag fan - Version 1.0 - Nov 8, 2011:

Easy Drag is desgined to be used with the Magic Track Pad. Although the Track Pad is (in my opinion) the best input/mouse-like device I've ever used, the one weakness is that when you want to move and/or resize windows - anything that takes a left click, and then a move - it is a bit awkward. Easy Drag assigns the left click function to a key. The default key is the function ("fn") key. So with Easy Drag in place, you first push the fn key, then, assuming input focus is on the window you want, you can move it, resize it, etc. by just swiping with your finger. You don't have to keep the track pad "pushed down". Since I am left-handed, I have my track pad on the left, and the assigned key the "fn" key next to the home button, on the middle right. Easy Drag works fantastically, and I use it routinely to move and resize windows. The best and most useful $3.99 app you will ever buy!

Thank you guys, I couldn't have wished for better reviews.