MIDI Sketch

Create Musical Ideas

MIDI Sketch turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a music sketchpad. Quickly and easily compose melodies, chord progressions and even drum patterns. It works with your favourite synths and music apps that support MIDI input. Once you are done, export the MIDI clip to other apps.


  • Three simple note editing modes: pencil, edit and velocity
  • Precisely edit a note's position and length on the timeline by zooming in to its exact location
  • Select and edit multiple notes at the same time
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All and Delete supported
  • Velocity Mode: Select notes and drag your finger vertically to adjust their velocities
  • Transpose entire sketch by +/-24 semitones
  • Adjust grid’s vertical and horizontal zooms independently
  • Import MIDI files from the other apps via Open in... *
  • MIDI sketches sync via iCloud
  • Export the MIDI files to other apps such as Dropbox, AudioShare, Cubasis and Mail
  • Change which app MIDI Sketch controls by selecting a MIDI Output
  • Bluetooth MIDI Support: Advertise or Discover
  • Background Audio Mode: MIDI sketch continues looping in the background while you tweak synth parameters
  • Adjustable tempo and MIDI sketch length

Note that the app itself does not produce any sound. It sends MIDI note messages to Core MIDI compatible apps.

* If a MIDI file consists of multiple tracks they will be imported as separate clips.


iPhone Screenshots

iPad Screenshots


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If you experience any bugs, have feature suggestions or for any other support query please get in touch.