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Easy Drag is a utility that makes dragging objects around the screen easy, effortless and precise.

When using a trackpad over long periods of time you might find that pressing down the trackpad and moving a mouse pointer at the same time can get uncomfortable. This is especially true when you are using applications that require a lot of drag gestures. This is where Easy Drag comes in. With Easy Drag you can use your Mac's keyboard keys to perform mouse presses and clicks while using the trackpad to simply move the mouse pointer around the screen. When I'm working in Logic Pro or Pixelmator it allows me to perform more precise drag gestures.

Note that Easy Drag is not just designed to be used with trackpads, it can be used with mice just as well. In addition to this, performing left and right clicks is a breeze using Easy Drag. You'll be addicted to Easy Drag in no time.

Getting Started

When you first launch Easy Drag a little arrow icon will appear in your status bar. If you click on it a drop down menu will be displayed. Here you'll be able to see whether Easy Drag is turned on or off. You can easily toggle its state.

By default fn button will simulate a left mouse button:

  • Press and release fn button once to perform a left click function.
  • Press and release it 2 or 3 times in a row to perform double and triple clicks.
  • Hold down fn and swipe a finger on a trackpad (or move a mouse if you are using a mouse) to perform a drag gesture.
  • Hold down Control modifier and then press and release fn button to perform a right click.

As mentioned earlier this is a default setting and can be changed easily from the Easy Drag's Preferences window.


Select the Preferences menu item from Easy Drag's status menu in order to customise which keys simulate mouse buttons.

Assign keys that work best for you. For instance, I personally like to assign caps lock button to perform left clicks and esc button to perform right clicks. The good thing about these buttons are that they are perfect distance from the command and option modifiers. This way I can perform option + drag easily. In addition, these two buttons are rarely used. If I want to type the grave character or press esc I can still do that. All I have to do is hold down fn and press grave or esc button.

Easy Drag Preferences

Easy Drag Preferences

As of v1.2, Easy Drag also supports caps lock key. Most people don't have much use for the caps lock key, so it makes a lot of sense to use it to emulate a mouse button. If you decide to use caps lock as your mouse button make sure you disable caps lock functionality. To do this, on your Mac go to System Preferences > Keyboards and press "Modifier Keys…" button. You'll be presented with a new dialog box. Simply set "Caps Lock Key" field to "No Action", press "OK" and you are done.

System Preferences

System Preferences


  • If F1, F2, F11 or F12 are set to simulate left or right mouse clicks make sure that the “Use all F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys” is enabled in your Mac’s System Preferences > Keyboard.
  • If some key assignments do not work, enable “Enable access for assistive devices” in System Preferences > Universal Access.
  • Due to security reasons some keys stop simulating mouse buttons when typing passwords. To resume their behaviour simply click outside the password field using an actual mouse or a trackpad.